Ezcurra-Esko, S.A. is an independent company which provides mechanical security locks for residential use. Our extensive experience in the lock industry, spanning over 50 years, means we offer Robust, Long-lasting and Resistant locks for all types of doors.

Made in SpainEzcurra Different and Unique: we exclusively manufacture in Spain. Origin is a certificate of guarantee, a guarantee that the whole manufacturing process is carried out exclusively at our facilities in Spain. Therefore, we are an Authorised Exporter of the European Union CE no. ES/20/0120/12.

Our brand is a Quality Guarantee, with the best certifications:

  • Ezcurra Anti-breakage? system: the safest anti-burglar system.
  • Certification of CE standards EN12209 (Single-Point) and PrEN15685 (Multi-Point)
  • Durability, over 50,000 cycles tested.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Own coating system with a large variety of very tough and corrosion-resistant finishes.

Ezcurra locks are highly reliable and withstand the passing of time. They have been developed so as not to break or deteriorate in a short space of time.