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703B Lock

ANTIBREAKAGE system 3 locking points through up and downwards threaded bars. Round steel bolt. Reversible latch. 2 turns.
Front plate: 30 x 3 mm.
Cylinders: DS-15 DS-10 .
Backsets: 50 / 60 mm.
Distances: 85 / 70 mm.
Front plate finishes: Brass / Chromed brass.
Escutcheons: 410-P 420-P 424-P 425-P 430-P.
Short striking plate.


Para conocer más acerca de este producto, visita el catálogo Cerraduras antipalanca alta seguridad 2 vueltas

We only manufacture in Spain


CE EN12209 Standards

Certification of CE standards EN12209 (Single-Point)

PrEN15685 Standars

Certification of PrEN15685 (Multi-Point)

ISO 9001 Quality

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Ezcurra Anti-breakage System

Ezcurra Anti-breakage System and Own Coating System