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70.B.00 Lock

70.B.00 Lock

ANTIBREAKAGE system. Special Security Lever Lock by 6 independent lever tumblers Lever block protected by 3 mm hick steel plate. Round steel bolts Ø18 mm. 4 Turns. Reversible latch.
Backset: 64 mm.
Closed case
Available with Front and/or Strike
Front & Striking plate 400 x 35 mm.
Fitting Up & down locking points
Available with closing point towards hinge
Available version with Service Key
Finishes: Brass / Chromed brass.
Security shield


To learn more about this product, visit Heavy-duty locks for armoured doors.

We only manufacture in Spain


CE EN12209 Standards

Certification of CE standards EN12209 (Single-Point)

PrEN15685 Standars

Certification of PrEN15685 (Multi-Point)

ISO 9001 Quality

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Ezcurra Anti-breakage System

Ezcurra Anti-breakage System and Own Coating System